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CEO Right Hand Intern

Paris, Île-de-France 6 mois
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Who we are Le Wagon is the leading education company specializing in tech bootcamps. We teach people the skills they need to change their lives, kick-start their tech careers or launch their startups. We offer courses in software development, data science, UX design, or product management on 45 campuses worldwide and online. Founded in Paris in 2013 by Boris Paillard, Romain Paillard, and Sébastien Saunier, Le Wagon has graduated more than 12,000 students from all walks of life, including many entrepreneurs who created 160 startups and raised $370M globally.
With a recognized pedagogy, Le Wagon is the world's most acclaimed Bootcamp with more than 2,000 five star reviews on Switchup and Coursereport and has been partnering with some of the most respected global companies, including IKEA, Total, LVMH, HEC Paris or Société Générale, transforming their workforce worldwide.
In March 2020, we raised our first €17m in a Series A funding round to accelerate our growth, building a global education platform for tech upskilling and developing our corporate activity. The team is 127 Wagoners and growing, located in 45 campuses in EMEA, LATAM, Canada, Asia, and Africa!
Role & scope As a CEO Right hand, you will support the CEO and the C-team on top business priorities, such as unlocking new growth, driving alignment on strategy, and building foundational infrastructure.
Possible topics include:
Strategy (contribute to the company's strategic vision, screen markets and competition, produce business analyses, build growth models, etc.).M&A (identifying and exploring strategic business and product opportunities - acquisitions, acquires,…).Product (identify and explore strategic product opportunities).Growth (supporting marketing initiatives, partnerships,…).Brand & communication (corporate brand, Founders’ brands)People and HR (sourcing and recruiting talent, building - organizing full-day onboarding for new members).Corporate & governance (board, legal, meetings, fundraising,…).Other (people topics, knowledge topics, organizational topics,...)Examples of projects:
Coordinationpre-sales pilot in Europe: defining objectives and KPIs, structuring processes, and animating pre-sales team to improve lead-to-applicant conversion and collect structured feedback on leading sales blockers in our European campuses.Pricing policy: market analysis and implementation of new standardized pricing and discounts in all our campuses.ISA and centralization of funding options: definition and implementation of a global strategy on private/public funding (with a heavy focus on ISA) to make our boot camps more affordable for people who cannot pay upfront tuition fees.Launch of Apprenticeship in France & UK: competitive and market analysis, building and kick-starting a go-to-market strategy for new apprenticeships with CAC40 or FTSE 100 companies.Le Wagon for Schools in France: scaling our product for schools from 25,000 students to 100,000 students per year in France.Branding and website: coordinating the development of our new website and social media assets in liaison with the marketing team and local teams.Contributing to an M&A process: involvement in due diligence and valuation, process coordination, and company integration within our community (acquisition of niche specialized Bootcamp, staffing company with "hire, train and deploy" model, apprenticeship player, etc.)Taking part and coordinating fundraising: preparation of pitch deck, financial analysis to assess valuation, coordination of fundraising with investorsAnd many more...Profile and skills Skills
Analytical and critical thinking: the intern has a lot of research and analysis to produce. This requires framing the right questions, objectively analyzing and evaluating a problem or issue, and problem-solving, including simulating possible outcomes.Versatility: given the scope of work, the intern should jump from one topic to another with a similar impact.Execution and collaboration: given the scope, volume, and timeline of work, the ability to direct people—including oneself—towards a particular objective that may require active orchestration is critical.Effective communication: given the number of Wagoners the intern interacts with daily, the ability to effectively cause both understanding and action in others without direct power is essential.‘Business’ sense:  the intern often has to think at the company level, assessing what would be best for the business and working on topics that have cross-cutting impacts. The ability to understand what can make a business great (product-wise, commercially, in terms of image, etc.) and usually make correct decisions, even in the presence of ambiguity, is paramount.Languages
Fluency in spoken and written English.French fluency is preferred but not required.